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Your new Wright County GOP Executives are as followed: 


Head Chair - Jeremiah Patrick

Vice Chair - Tim Zbaracki

Treasurer - Jason Franzen

Secretary - Regina Lindstrom

Media Coordinator - Daniel Breitenbucher

Events Coordinator - Tami Surprenant

***Breaking News***

Since I am now a member of the Wright County GOP board, I will likely be looking at turning this website over to one of the grass roots organizations (possibly Wright County's Restore Minnesota) since I will be focused on the Official Wright Co website and social media pages.


Stay tuned. Things will be fluid... ya know... like gender.... that's a joke.  

Here are some great local/MN websites: 

Mask off Minnesota 

Rocks and Cows

Alpha News 

Amazing speech taking down woke climate radicals

Classroom Furnitures
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