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We are never, ever, ever.....

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

...getting back together

As that insufferable, quite likely fake bubbly pop star once said... "we are never, ever, ever, ever getting back together." It's over. We're done. The two sides of this country are never getting back together.

As a devote stooge of Victor Davis Hanson and Mike Rowe, I along with probably the rest of us are concerned that society is reaching a tipping point. Mike Rowe describes it as, " some point, something is gonna go splat." VDH is always warning that things cannot continue as they are without something breaking due to the radical, progressive Left's utopian dreams that require critically important structures of society to be dismantled. I just think that at some point, half the country is going to say, "Dee Snider was, we ain't gonna take it, anymore."

As always, I can point to my family as to how I see little hope for us coming together. I'm often asking my wife if I can formerly resign from my last name's people. To which she says, "so then what? It's now up to me to keep a relationship with YOUR family for YOUR daughter???" Point taken. I get a bit overzealous periodically. But to my point. I will never, ever, ever call my family members unintelligent. In fact, they are all extremely intelligent. Far more than me in fact. Which could be a cause of how we are never coming back together.

There are PHDs, MDs, Master's and successful business owners all over my family. My last name's people are the epitome of what the left has become and a great representation of how the parties have flipped, in terms of class. The left has become the party of the Ivy League University, faculty lounge intellectual who sits at a thick mahogany desk of rich brown color atop an Italian leather high backed chair with intricate stitching, an antique lamp in one corner and a lectern in the other. The right has become... well... me. 5 cars in the driveway, nothing newer than 2008, all serving a terribly important purpose: 98 pickup truck for pickup truck stuff, 03 Suburban for family hauling, 08 SUV for wife and her daily duties, 02-4cylinder-40mpg Saturn for my jobsite runner and the crown jewel, an 03 Mercury Marauder for summer cruising, round town driving and excessive acceleration. All primarily maintained at home. All but the Saturn, total gas hogs and all well known to go way past 250,000 miles - i.e. they run forever and cheaply. These are the two sides currently battling for control of a Country's future. The Tesla driving elite demanding the Hoi Polloi, high mileage, V8ers to "figure it out" when a tank of gas becomes 120 dollars. A mass saying, "I just want to live within my means and not be bothered," while the other mass says, "you did this to yourself because you couldn't follow our lead of radical greenery and environmental justice lifestyles... why haven't you been saving for a Tesla? Why don't you have solar panels covering your house? Why can't you just take the bus 70 miles there and back across state lines, with 200 pounds of tools to save the environment? No one should be driving cars."

Which then brings me to a recent family email. It was deemed necessary and reasonable to alert a few of us about the horrors of globe trotting and worldly gallivanting when a luxury cruise stop in Paris was derailed by "anti maskers" (the underlying rage directed at Trumpers, I have a feeling.... of which I'm sure Paris has tons). The theme of the story was literally how adventures out in Paris at wildly crowded restaurants turned into a horrific private limo ride back to the Hilton Hotel at the airport where said email sender and spouse were quarantined for 4ish days because they had tested positive for Covid (after multiple tests and believing it was possibly just a bad cold). Let's dissect this for a second. As previously stated, I am the only Conservative in the family that is also not decently well off (or should be). I am a dirty rotten peasant compared to most of the elite liberals surrounding me on all sides. When I received this email, I was driving approximately 144 miles a day from Buffalo, MN to the east side of Hudson, WI in an 02 Saturn that is positively the most uncomfortable vehicle I have ever owned, and there have been a lot. The emailer is a very intelligent, highly successful and retired person in the medical world who owns multiple houses, multiple vehicles, regularly travels the globe via airplane and cruise liner all while reminding me often (specifically, because I am the ignorant right winger who loves guns and pollution) that everyone needs to do their part to conserve resources and stem pollution. Here's my point: I can guarantee that I have one of if not THE smallest carbon foot prints of anyone in my family.

And we will never, ever, ever, get back together. The disconnect from reality lived by the 99% as seen on the left by those on the right is almost incomprehensible. I was basically asked to feel bad for someone trapped on the other side of the world in the midst of luxury travel while I'm trying to not go broke. We're currently in the middle of being lectured on what guns are needed and not needed by people who have absolutely no idea what they're even defining let alone having ever even handled a gun or many. We've been told to do our part to save humanity from a virus that well over 99% of people under 60 survive by destroying our lives and livelihoods in many cases , by those who are completely unaffected by their own enacted policies. We're being told to breast feed because it's easy and free by someone whose net worth is $250 million and hasn't done so in 34 to 35 years. We're being told that 15 dollar a gallon gas is fine because He drives a Tesla and is also worth 75 million dollars. It was implied that I was a maniac by a family member because I had multiple guns in March of 20, asking "to protect yourself from who," because I was more concerned of society than the virus and how society would react to the virus.... then came the riots, 2 months later, mere miles from where we were living.

We are never, ever, ever, ever getting back together because one side is so adamant that they are right in their morally elitist views that the other side must be forced to see their correctness through coercion and brute strength. While the other side is at a complete loss of how the hypocrisy is totally lost on those who claimed the apocalypse was just around the corner under Trump but now sees the full fledged collapse of so many aspects in society as either Trump's fault or that it is actually good for people to experience high gas prices, inflation, a non existent border, unaffordable evil vehicles and carnivorous diets, 2 million unchecked and unvaxed illegal immigrants bussed and flown to all corners of the country, non-existent laws and compassionate DAs. Imagine the formula applied to critique Trump used currently and equally to critique Biden. There'd be no paper left to print on. But you see, you sniveling, pathetic, working middle class right winger... because you did not vote the way we did, you deserve everything you're experiencing now. If you would have just accepted our way of life for you, you'd be much better off.

But are you better off, working middle class left winger?

No one's ever asked me that.......

We are never, ever, ever, ever, getting back together.

Things are going to go splat. I'm just glad we live in Buffalo and not South St. Paul.

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