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Click the "download pdf" to the left for a downloadable form to hand out to parents who want the classroom madness to stop for their children.

The recommendation is to give the school a signed Student Instruction Protection Plan form as follows:


Use 1 form per child and personally hand out a signed copy to:


  • One to the Principal of the school (Not the Secretary)

  • One to each teacher that has a classroom with your child (per quarter where applicable)

Send a follow up email (Example below) to the Principal of the school, as well as the teachers who received the form, asking the following:

Dear __________
I am just following up to see if you have any questions on the Form that I gave you on Title 20 parent consent? I look foward to hearing from you if you have any additional questions.
Thank you

Parent/Guardian Name___________
Phone number_____________

Education Information

The "need-to-know" of what is going on in our schools. 

AlphaNews Stories

Why Johnny Can't Read: 100 Years of Teaching Without Phonics 

‘Inevitable lawsuit’: Before Minneapolis, race-based policies failed in LA schools 

Public School Enrollment Plummets 

Minneapolis Schools Spend $2 Million on 'Diversity' in Math Curriculum  

Great education, quality of life yesterday’s legacy for Minnesota

The Raging War Against Children

This is a YouTube video from the Child Protection League of Minnesota 

 Articles by the endless digger for woke insanity inside the Country's schools, Christopher Rufo from City Journal

Sexual Liberation in Public Schools

The Dismantlers

In Portland, the Sexual Revolution Starts in Kindergarten



Parent's Rights for School Curriculum


Here is a great article by the American Experiment dealing with what
rights parents have (by law State and Federal) when it comes to schools
behavior and teaching of material to students.


Legal Language:


File a Complaint

Protecting Student Privacy | U.S. Department of Education


A good tool resource to help Navigate Parent's rights for their children

Glen Beck Videos on What is happening to our Education System:

Alternative Education Material being presented to Area School Districts: FAIR for ALL
Link to their website:


Short video about them (very good!)


Are you interested in learning why opting out of the Teacher’s Union may be right for you? The window to opt out is September 1st through September 30th. Educate yourself now to know your options! Here is a link where you can learn more about the reasons why to opt out, create a letter to send to your School District / Union to resign from the Teacher’s Union, and learn about the variety of liability coverages that are available for educators:


Worried about what your colleagues may think if you choose to opt-out of union membership? Here are some reasons you can give to your Union Representative if they ask “Why are you leaving the Union?”
• “I am taking the Union fees and putting it into my classroom where it can impact my
students the most.”
• “I don’t align politically or morally with either the State or National Unions.”
• “Not enough of the Union dues stays local to make things happen locally where it matters
the most. I can make a donation to the local union if that is an option.”
• “Money is tight, I need to do what’s best for my family.”


Here are some Teacher liability coverage options:


New Proposed MN Teacher Licensure Requirements that includes CRT Initiatives:
(Alpha News: Commentary: State to require teachers to demonstrate Marxist worldview to obtain

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