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Updated: May 25, 2022

...if he returns, just get out of his way....

This is for no one other than those who can hear the name Trump and remain hinged to reality, and are likely conservative. This is also merely one Man’s opinion who is neither a political figure nor a genius in anything history or politics but rather someone who lives along side the 99% and did quite comfortably as a construction worker from '16-'20 and is getting crushed from '20 till now. I really believe this is the path to taking back large swaths of society and the country from the people in my family, i.e. the leftists controlling almost everything. Take it or leave it.

I believe the moment Trump declares he’s running again (if he indeed does), the entire GOP field needs to get out of the way and either fully back him or for the sake of their political futures, stay silent and enjoy the ride. And there’s a few reasons why I believe this, I’m not sure how many, but I’ll let you know once I’m finished writing.

One – We saw from 2016 that no one on the right can handle the juggernaut of Trump in candidate/election trail mode. Likeable, reasonable, centerish right politicians basically end up running with their tail between their legs to the libs (see John Kasich). Polite, fraternity looking republicans try to match his trash talk and look like fools (see Rubio). Even the rebel Republicans try to be rebels and go dirty and low with Melania’s modeling days and get completely destroyed when Trump goes even lower (see Cruz). You cannot stop Trump on the trail, you can only hope to contain him or not have your political career become a thing of the past. And here’s why that’s important. There are a ton of Republican Governors and Senators that would be completely amazing and not a shred similar to Trump, but if they go up against him, I fear that they will be destroyed and we may never get a chance for their presidency. Trump is a tornado that mows over things and sometimes leaves a bird alive with no feathers, sometimes leaves a vehicle completely unscratched and sometimes puts a 2x4 clean through the trunk of an oak tree. Just get out of the way and save yourself, Ron, Kristi, Nikki, Mike, Tim, Rand, etc. We need you down the road but we won’t get you if the Trump train comes to town and leaves you cartoonishly flattened, like The Coyote.

Two – You (those just named and every conservative paying attention) need to let the second Trump term play out. He believes he won in 2020. A large section of the voting Right believes he either won or something was majorly suspicious with that election. You just have to let it happen. It will be as if we actually get to experience both sides of a sliding door moment. It’ll be as close to a do over (assuming the current pile of brain mush and his cackling sidekick run again) as we’ll probably see in modern presidential times (there was of course Grover Cleveland in 1880s and 90s). America needs to get it out of its system to move past the Era of Trump which near half believe is the worst thing that has ever happened to the country and near half believe is the best. My guess is it’s probably somewhere in the middle, no where near heavy on the worst and more “needed shake up” to the status quo, despite what every member of my family thinks. We don’t talk much anymore. Shocking.

Three – Three is Two’s sliding door. If we don’t let a second Trump term play out, I believe he will continue to weigh heavily in the background of everything politics until he is no longer with us. And I gotta tell you, that could be a long time. I believe he is 3 or 4 years older than both my parents and probably has 10 times the energy. They are also both very liberal. That can be devastating to the psyche, morale and energy level of a Senior citizen. He could be like a cockroach or my 7 year old Rottweiler - undying and refusing to stop jumping up and down on her front two paws, haruffing when she thinks you're unjustifiably ignoring her. I truly believe that if he wins his second term he will be more likely to ride off into the sunset like all the presidents before (save for Obama), leaving the country and GOP to move forward with a DeSantis or Noem or Haley or Pompeo or Scott sans his heavy critiquing or praising. I think he will feel his job was finally done and more apt to live out sunny days at Mar-a-Lago.

Four – The left knows no stop signs. They haven’t the slightest idea of what a red light is. We’re seeing it now and any of us that have been reading certain intellectuals on the right saw it coming from a mile away. “Are you black, or gay, or Jewish, or Muslim, or Trans, or a woman, or anyone we’ve determined is less than a white male, through the lens of a white male? Well you belong with us over here on the left.” “Now hold on a second. You realize a lot of those groups completely hate each other and are sprinting away from your identity party?” “Wait, what???” --- “Gas and oil are terrible! We need wind, solar and electric cars otherwise we’re all going to die!” “You realize that wind and solar could barely power a Tonka-Truck continuously for months let alone entire towns, cities, states and a country for years, driving up the cost of energy for those who desperately need it cheap – the middle class. Not to mention the toxicity of solar panels when they fail after a year because most are made in China on the cheap? And the batteries in fully electric cars weigh 1200-2000+ pounds and are made from earth destroying materials and certainly aren't green to recycle?” “Wait, what?” --- “Being in school is a death sentence! Teachers, moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas will all die if the kids go to school! We must teach them through computers in their living rooms and kitchens because it’s equitable!” “You realize you basically pulled the curtain back on yourselves and your own insanity inside the classrooms, alerting parents to your unbridled leftist teaching habits… and you hurt lower income minorities the most by keeping them out of classrooms. And that was absolutely not equality of outcome, i.e. equity because the ones who could afford it put their kids in private school or paid for home tutoring while the inner city kids wasted away in a cesspool of gang violence and likely single parented home life problems .” “Wait, what?”

The leftist progressives know no stop signs and destroy themselves and everyone around them out of misplaced compassion and unrealistic utopian ideals and ideas. Trump is the only stop sign they know. Trump Derangement Syndrome – the struggle is real. But when Trump is there, he’s like flairs to divert a heat seeking missile. They can’t help themselves. They’re like toddlers in a tantrum/meltdown. Someone has hijacked that part of their reasoning (Orange Man Bad) and they will uncontrollably flail, scream and lash-out while the ship gets righted behind their backs. The ship must be righted before it sinks under its own woke, unsustainable weight of self flagellation and historical shaming - yep, America isn't perfect and we all know it. Let's focus on the here and now.

Five – I truly believe a ‘24-‘28 Trump would be a different beast. Sure there would still be the ridiculous comments, the personality… Trump. But I think there’d be a chance that like Mathew McConaughey’s Conner Mead from Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Trump might walk into that basement party wearing a leather jacket talking about the awesome new policy that restored faith in half or maybe well over half the country after 4 years of ironic insanity.

The moral of this story is that much like when my 6 year old is sick and we spend 30 minutes debating and fighting over the night medicine that will help her sleep better and I say, “Child, if you would have just downed this tiny little cap 25 minutes ago, you would be falling asleep in your bed right now instead of refusing something that will help you!” Don’t fight the medicine Republicans, Conservatives, Independents and even centerish Dems who are now realizing that your gamble on a world without mean Tweets and often uncouth, boorish remarks wasn’t the answer to all the problems you thought it'd be. Just take the medicine quickly in the fall of ’24 and we can all quietly and peacefully fall asleep again and be ready to face the next chapter of America in ’28. To steal a line from one of the best minds on the right currently in existence, Victor Davis Hanson – Trump is like chemo. It’s going to kill some good things but it’s going to wipe out a whole lot more bad in the process…… And there were 5. 5 reasons why The Trump Train needs to roll on untethered if it fires back up. That is all. Out.

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