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Monkeys Riding Racehorses: Reacting to Biden's Speech in Philadelphia

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Original image: Business Insider

By Miriam Orr

🚨🚨 One hundred percent, this is going to be a big rant and personal opinion blog. So if you can’t handle the idea of me spouting off my opinions and ranting, then hit the back button right now and get out of Dodge. This will be the only warning. 🚨🚨

Last week our dementia-esque POTUS Joe Biden gave what is probably the most dividing speech in recorded presidency while channeling all kinds of Hitler and creepy-devil vibes as he did it. Though he called out Donald Trump and supporters while only mentioning the man’s name a few times, the general consensus of the opposing party was that this address was a direct attack at the former administration at a time when public addresses are perhaps vital to presidential campaigns.

Yeah, you read that right. Biden's clapback at Trump and people like me, making it seem like we’re the Gestapo working for the bad, bad orange man. This from the political party that is all about perceived equality and unity for their social justices; if you swing the other way, well, the writing is on the creepy-black-and-red wall behind Joe Biden in Philly.

Don’t believe me? Well. Here’s some empirical evidence from the classy and ever-trashy New Yorker. Writer Susan B. Glasser reports that Biden spoke of Donald Trump and his supporters, "in just about the most unsparing terms a President has ever used for political opponents.”

She also quotes Biden saying, “Donald Trump and the maga Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic,”

All this in front of a “blood-red Nazi background” (Carlson, Fox) that was a “complete outrage” (Carlson, Fox) and “....depicts the president of our nation, as he took to the airwaves and spoke about his fellow citizens as if they were sewer rats…” (Vance, R-Ohio). See the link at the end of this post for the direct quotes from Glasser, because you can’t make this up.

Yay, us. We have the most socially gracious and just president EVER, don’t we? (Read: heavy sarcasm). Any president ballsy enough to call out half the voting populace and labeling them as extremists that are “possibly violent” gets a nod from me. I will concede that if the tables were turned and Trump did this very same thing to the other side, we’d be pumping our fists in victory, cheering him on much like Biden’s audience did in front of Independence Hall.

I’m not too proud to say I enjoy a good mudslinging in the political battleground. It’s interesting, as a student of communication, to observe an individual’s response when the argument takes a more personal, ad hominem approach. Watching what makes others reel is a fascinating process and alludes to a better understanding of what makes the human species tick, and just how far certain folks can be pushed before they enact a response. Great stuff.

Next time you watch a debate, watch people’s reactions and see just how long it takes them to lose their composure. It’s quite a show, at that point.

But…this? Wow, Joey. I didn’t think you could stoop much lower after demonizing the January 6 protests while blatantly ignoring what happened in the Twin Cities during the unforgettable George Floyd riots, but well done. Golf clap for you, because you continually exceed expectations. Genius, man. Genius.

If Joe’s planning to walk this one back, I don’t think he can. I think it’s permanently ingrained in the MAGA mind that we have, now, on the public stage of the world, been singled out and blatantly discriminated against. Last time I checked you couldn’t call your coworker an extreme radicalistic without facing some serious repercussions, but, I guess the rules are different for Alzheimer Joe, because as of yet, I don’t think anyone has filed for harassment. Maybe someone should get on that, I dunno.

No wonder there’s suspicion that the guy stole the election, because, who voted for this clown? If *any* one is still proud to say they voted this homewrecker into office, you're officially an enemy of your own program, because aren’t you the ones who tout the adage that we’re supposed to be inclusive of other people’s identities and preferences? Last time I checked, we’re supposed to support everyone regardless of our own preferences, regardless if it goes against our religion, morality, or understanding of the universe. Why? Because it’s for the benefit of the whole, for your neighbor, for the global agenda.

But labeling the political group you stand against as extremists that threaten the foundation of the nation is totally acceptable? Ok, Felicia. And what do you care about the foundation of this country, anyway? Wasn’t it conceived by a bunch’a slave-owning white men of priviledge who were bigoted? Haven’t you been trying to change the very thing you’re saying I’m threatening? No? Oh, we don’t talk about that because that is totally off topic. Gotcha.

You know that cake, right there? Yeah, that one. You can’t have it and eat it, too.

I’m disgusted and disheartened that this is the man calling the shots at one of the most crucial points in this administration. Really, we’re going to talk about January 6 when gas is still disgustingly overpriced, groceries are obscene, there is a crisis at the border almost hourly, and Ukraine and Russia are clawing each other’s eyes out? Really, you want to discuss January 6?

What about all those campaign promises, Mr. Biden? How’s the student-debt-relief-without-raising-taxes going for you, because last time I checked, taxes were projected to go up, up, up by the end of the year. They for sure are going up in Minnesota and my county, just waiting for the notice in the mail from the fed saying I now gotta stick my arm out and let you just pull the blood from me intravenously. Oh wait, I forgot—I’m basically a stone at this point. And last I checked, you can’t get blood out of stones.

We the people are sick of this crap.

I’m tired of watching his bird-brained Press Secretary walkback uneducated and frankly embarrassing statements and not having answers to the questions that matter. I’m sick of Joe Biden’s wife constantly having COVID and offending my eyeballs with God-awful wardrobe choices that alone would humiliate the nation at a global scale (maybe a little overdramatic but I'm on a roll) I’m tired of the VP ignoring her responsibility for the border while cackling like she’s fresh off the broomstick (just in time for the season, too!) And I’m tired of hearing how everything this administration has dropped is Trump’s fault and he hasn't been in office since WHEN?

The more and more I watch people wake up, the more and more I think it’s too late. It feels that way in Minnesota with the re-election of Ilhan Omar, who hates America while milking the proverbial tit. I can only pray that Scott Jensen wins big at the ballot and takes the reigns of this off-the-rail, flaming trainwreck of a state, because pretty soon, the taxpaying base of isn’t gonna be able to pay those taxes little Mr. Walz keeps passing.

It was evident last week in Philly that Joe Biden took the gloves off, and man are they off. There’s a saying in dealership sales that you’re supposed to mirror your customer—if they are a sarcastic jerk, be a sarcastic jerk. If they’re happy, be happy. While I don’t 100% believe, as a Christian, that’s the road we should take often, it’s pretty dang hard not to take it going 150 miles-an-hour when it comes to matters of politics.

I’d love nothing more than to meet Joe Biden toe-to-toe and give him a taste of his own dish. Because, I know he couldn't take it and it would drive home my point that the left can never make a concrete argument because they can’t face facts.

My favorite character in Gotham, Harvey Bullock, says it best—“You, my friend, are a monkey riding a racehorse.” That sums up how I feel about this entire administration. Well done, Detective.

I certainly hope that this recent blunder of Biden’s isn’t a forecast of what’s to come. I pray daily that God exacts mercy on this nation and that He is gracious and forgiving, because the wickedness is starting to stack up and the dumpster fire is gettin’ a little toasty from where I’m sitting.

Second Chronicles 7: 14 is becoming my daily hope, my prayer, the resolution of my heart: "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."

Please, my Bible-believing friends. Pray for your girl, here. I need grace. Peace. Understanding and compassion; the eyes of heaven to see beyond my own personal feelings. It’s hard and I’m getting tired of the madhouse.

Until the next Biden-blunder, my friends. Stay safe, stay alert, stay strong. The fat lady hasn’t sung yet, so that means it isn’t over. Lord Jesus, help us.

Glasser citation:

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