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Minnesota Republican Leaders Just Effed us... Again.

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

You can still find a picture of Keith Ellison on the internet pointing to the ANTIFA handbook and smirking. Under Ellison and Walz's nose, Feeding Our Future has been exposed to have scammed $250 million of tax payer money. Under the previous Administration but same political party, a day care fraud was found to have seen upwards of 100 million dollars quite possibly leave the state in cash through MSP airport and fund Islamic terror groups in the middle east - the same community responsible for both heists, likely over 350 million dollars in stolen money, but easily thought of as unapproachable through the eyes of identity politics to question such scamming. The re-elected Governor refused to show up for the final debate (a tactic I theorize made popular and obviously effective - see John Fetterman, Katie Hobbs, Patty Murry - by our current President's entire campaign of 2020 spent in his basement) and was widely thought to have lost the first and only one between the two candidates. Keith Ellison without a question has contributed to the Twin Cities and State's current atmosphere of crime by supporting the measure to replace the MPD with a Department of Public Safety, demonizing cops and being more concerned with people wanting to keep their livelihoods during the shutdowns than those who burned both cities to the ground. Yet here we are with a clean sweep by the Governor, Attorney General, State Secretary and State Auditor, but also both House and Senate going blue for the first time in 10 years.

It was fair to demand resignations or firings after the Afghanistan withdrawal (none of which has happened still to this day I'm thinking). It's fair to demand firings and resignations for everyone connected to the border crisis, which the Right has done for 2 years. It's fair to demand resignations or firings anytime something is a catastrophic failure. So in the reasonable and time honored tradition of wanting heads to roll when something is so comically unsuccessful, that is what I'm doing. I think every single person associated with every failed Republican campaign of 2022 at the State level should resign and find work elsewhere. I don't care how new you people are to the upper echelon of Minnesota's Republican Party and most definitely if you've been there for eons... get the fuck out, you useless buffoons.

For two years the ultra progressive agenda of Walz destroyed people's lives with shutdowns and lockdowns, destroyed children's lives with masks and zoom teaching, has seen crime soar and seep out of the cities, has watched over while fraud ran rampant, has and is still pushing energy policies that will completely bankrupt the middle class and endanger lives during our absurdly cold winters (which have been happening FOREVER) by risking blackouts in January when overnights could hit -30. Wind and solar - neither of which provide energy on demand but merely create it for storage to be used at a time when demand is highest, in late afternoon and overnight when there is no sun and winds die down - is not a feasible energy source right now and won't be for 50-100 years. A figure I have heard numerous times is that wind and solar currently have the ability to power the entire country for 5 minutes if that was our only power source... This is what the Minnesota Republicans found a way to get defeated by. There is no Minnesota GOP. It is as useless as a wind turbine and solar panel at night with no wind or sun to power it.

Minnesota hasn't just been without conservative leadership in over 10 years, it's gone from Conservative to the Bluest of the Blue rivaling California and New York. That says, not only has the MN GOP failed but they are completely incompetent and worthless. Walz is now a two time Governor who has supported Ilhan Omar, an immigrant, socialist, possible fraudster who claims victimhood and being the dirge of a bigoted, racist country that once again is paying her $174,000 a year after being re-elected. I'll gladly take being less than pond scum in a country that pays me well into the six figures over my massively fluctuating ironworker yearly wage.

Keith Ellison's son along with Ilhan Omar stood on stages in Minneapolis demanding the complete dismantling of the Minneapolis Police Department while never being subjected to their own calls for "social justice" because of their ability to receive private security whenever it felt necessary. This is the Party our MN GOP found the ability to lose to. Again, everybody associated with every lost election from last week, get out. Find someone to replace you that possibly has a clue on how to change this State's Republican direction and success (tweak as necessary for different elected positions, appointed offices, hired positions, managers, messaging directors, marketing directors, social media gurus, image consultants, etc). I assume anyone reading this gets the point I'm trying to make. Everyone connected with the State of Minnesota's Republican party that has failed all of us meager pawns scraping by, you're done. It's over. You are awful at your job. It's time to clean house and you are the dirt.

The question keeps coming up as to where the blame should mostly lay? Is it Trump's fault for backing candidates that mostly lost or barely squeaked by? The Democrats poured millions of dollars into "MAGA" candidates in the Primaries strategizing that they would be easier to beat than ones not associated with Trump. I guess it paid off. But here's a take from someone who is always able to draw from his family's liberal members.

There are only a handful of people in my family who I would refer to as "reasonable Democrats." These "reasonable" people pride themselves on not even wanting to be referred to as Democrats or Liberals anymore and are itching to vote Republican for the first time. But even these reasonable, centerish-left family members are still so stricken by Trump Derangement Syndrome that they can't get out of their own way at the voting booth. The problem is, they're elites who aren't subjected to the destructive policies their votes bring the way a middle classer is. They can't see past the haze of Trump hatred to acknowledge that Jensen and the Rs on the ballot could have turned this sinking Minnesota ship around because, I believe, anyone today that isn't a phony mainstream old school Republican like Mitt Romney must be a thought or two away from Trumpian rule and Nazi Fascism.

So again, Minnesota Republican Heads, where was the call to or game plan to target the "reasonable" Democrats and help them over their still unhinged hatred of Trump that they're hanging onto right into the voting booth? I wrote about this back in the summer - The Kendall Qualls Conundrum. The Minnesota GOP had a black man who brought himself up by the boot straps running for Governor. It chose a white doctor, in a state that hates rich white people. Nailed it.

What the MN GOP allowed to happen is this: "Next time the Government is even heavier handed in controlling every aspect of our lives during an 'emergency,' no matter how destructive the outcome, we will gladly do what we're told. Keep our utility bills as high as you want, our gas prices unaffordable along with groceries. Keep the crime soaring. Keep letting cops leave the force. Keep criminals on the streets. Do what ever you want to us citizens, we won't fight back." That is the legacy of our current Minnesota GOP leaders.

"Well you certainly sound like you've got all the answers, or at least think you could run things better!" Who couldn't do better? Point to success over the last decade? A barely divided congress that just went all blue? Pathetic.

I've been running this website for 5 months in hopes of making a difference in Wright County. At the September Wright County GOP meeting I offered to list the names of every conservative candidate that will appear on ballots within the county in non-partisan races if they could provide them (I also emailed all board members months ago with the same offer only to receive a response of crickets). I was told, "that's something we have to look into for the future." Today's internet has been here for over 20 years. The future came and went last Tuesday. The state will now be controlled by the likes of my positively insane, woker than woke, half sister for another 4 years.

I don't want to live in this state anymore, but can't move because it's beyond unaffordable and not feasible. I'm guessing thousands upon thousands of middle class Conservative Minnesotans are thinking the same thing. It's time for new blood to take over the MN GOP at every level, state down to local. If you're Conservative and you've never been in politics before and have no idea what you're doing... we want you! Remember some of the very first digs at Trump. "He doesn't know what he doesn't know!" Yet we had 4 years of cheap living and calm seas around the world. The current Administration knows what it knows and think they know what they don't, which is everything and anything, and the world is a mess. If you're like my family, you can't run, so you have to stick around and fix it. Minnesota Republican leaders. Fuck you. Get out.

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