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Medicine Part 2: The Unraveling/Exploding/Imploding/Meltdown of All Humanity

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

TRIGGER WARNING: To my newly minted liberal readers - this is not for you. I am speaking to my fellow conservatives on a possible scenario for our side in the next 2 years. I am not trying to convince you Minneapolis hipsters and moral elites that Trump is a good person, January 6th was ok (it wasn’t an insurrection you twits), he doesn’t say ridiculous things, I could go on… This is a somewhat humorous look into the future for the Right. Enjoy it or don’t, you are free to do so, although I have a feeling which you will choose. Maybe you’ll chuckle a bit?!? Glad to have you! I’m sure you’re all beautiful, decent people.

Pre-Post Script: I broke up my paragraphs more because I don’t want you to think I’m a genius. There may still be grammatical errors because my editor is still a psychology major/Ironworker, which is just above pond scum.

On May 25, 2022, I posted an article I wrote named Medicine. It was my opinion or theory that if Trump decided to run again, the entire GOP field of possible Presidential Candidates should get out of his way and let the Beast run free. If for nothing other than to save themselves for a time down the road when the country would call upon them to carry on the torch of America First/MAGA policies once the Beast has been satisfied and could ride off into the Mar-A-Lago golf course sunset having been satiated by a 2nd and deserved term as POTUS. If they choose to challenge the Beast, we may risk losing them for good, having been swallowed up or flung into oblivion (see John Kasich, Carly Fiorina) by the Beast's tornadic campaign whirlwind. You cannot stop the Beast in campaign mode, you can only hope to...... you can't even contain him, just get out of the way, for the love of God!

A dear friend from high school recently sent me an article Michele Tafoya posted to her Substack page urging Trump to not run, titled, "An Open Letter to Donald Trump." I totally understand where she's coming from. After the midterms, I think possibly half the GOP understands where she's coming from and probably agrees with her. This friend read my previously mentioned article saying, "love what you wrote, but I'm team Michele on this one." I responded, "Yep, I'll go along with that... but what if he runs again?! Then we're staring at what I wrote..........." Well, here we are, staring at what I wrote - I would also like to point out that there are many crossovers in Michele Tafoya's article and mine from May, which can only mean she read it at some point and admires me greatly.

In the style of Medicine Part 1, I would like to now go through a handful of scenarios and theories I have on what the next 2 years could look like. Hang on folks. It's gonna get rough.

Screenplay #1:

Skip ahead to November of 2024. Let’s assume Trump got the nomination for the Republican Party and went up against Biden or Kamala, or anybody for that matter… and lost. That would mean, he could run again in ‘28!

What if he stayed relatively cognizant (I realize that word is relative - Sam Frawley - and means different things to different people) until he was 110. The Guinness Book of World Records for longest living people are regularly into the 110s and near 120.

What if Trump became the world’s longest living human on record at 120 years old. If he doesn’t secure the second term he feels he deserves, we could be looking at a Trump Presidential Candidate for 44 more years. That just made me literally laugh out loud.

My Dad, who is younger than Trump, and would rather run a marathon nude in a Minnesota January on burning coals than live under his presidency would likely be watching Trump campaign for President every other 2 years from his hospital death bed. He can’t quit The Donald so he’d be rage watching PBS News Hour as he passed onto the afterlife. I need to go have a Scotch on the rocks and finish this tomorrow. I’ve even scared myself with this screenplay.

Screenplay #2:

No one heeds my advice, of which I’m sure they’re all reading and taking into serious consideration, and the gladiator fights play out from now until the final cage match in November of ‘24. As it stands currently, DeSantis and Trump are the two heavyweights. Those seem to be the only ones who are going to matter for the GOP. However, the 2 year lead up seems to often see a heavyweight disappear and an underdog emerge. We’ll go with the Ron vs Don WWF Ladder Match for this writing though.

My biggest fear is that DeSantis will get caught in the undertow and never come up for air. Trump has said he has dirt on him that only his wife could possibly know. Truth? Who knows… but losing Ron D would be a catastrophic loss for our side.

The sliding door of Screenplay #2 is that DeSantis does not go quietly into the night but doesn’t get sucked up in Hurricane Donald. He stays in the fight until the bitter end and doesn’t get knocked out. The two go all the way into the summer of ‘24 in the Republican Primary finale and bar-room-brawl-it-out till one emerges narrowly victorious.

Could the party possibly fracture? Could the party possibly fracture for good? If there’s one person who seems up to the challenge of never taking the Trump bait, i.e. the insults, nicknames, accusations, etc, I believe it’s DeSantis.

He’s a Harvard lawyer (Harvard, my newly subscribed woke liberal readers!!! Harvard! The wokest of the woke Ivy Leaguers!). He’s military. He’s been fighting and winning the absurd media battles in Florida. And he squeaked out a win for Governor in ‘18, to now actually ushering in the only Red Wave of the recent Midterms, flipping long time Blue parts of Florida to majorly Red. He’s shaping up to be the GOP’s Punisher - highly intelligent, focused, takes no prisoners, brutal and lethal in political execution, whereas Trump is more like the Joker… pure chaos, but mighty effective.

So the two never make up and never break up… and never destroy each other. We’ve then got The Original MAGA party and the more reserved DeSantis MAGA party. Each pissed at the other who wouldn’t climb on board with the other.

That sounds like an absolute nightmare for the people of the country on the Right who are desperate for some sanity. Pleading to stray from the radical green push, the woke nonsense, the identity politics, a President who is constantly at risk of walking smooth off a stage to the concrete below the moment he steps away from a podium, a VP whose word salad speeches are so indecipherable and comically incoherent that she makes Trump’s off the cuff rallies sound like a ruling from SCOTUS… holy shit what a disaster. We’d be run by the likes of my family for the rest of eternity, and that actually would be an existential threat to the country and humanity beyond.

Screenplay #3:

I don’t see how this isn’t the dream come true for every conservative that has been paying attention for the last 7 years.

Let’s be honest. Trump is not going to ride off into the sunset. He’s also not going to put the Country first. He wants what he believes is deserved and I won’t lie, he does deserve a second term.

No one will ever be able to convince me that Covid did not cost him the Presidency.

No one will ever be able to convince me that it did not originate in a lab (which I was led to believe while listening to Victor Davis Hanson’s podcast in the spring of 2020 and is now all but verified fact).

No one will ever convince me that if it wasn’t intentional, the second China realized what was going on (as early as October of 19) they knew it would likely take down Trump by destroying everything good his policies had created by the spring of his last term.

China, the Media, Big Tech, Social Media and a completely unhinged opposition to him as a person, not as a policy maker, didn’t just put their fingers on the scale of that election, they put a million pound weight on the scale.

He got fucked 8 ways to Sunday for 3 years and then 50 ways in his last year.

The man has been through more than any politician other than those who have been assassinated and he’s still here! He’s still going. He refuses to die politically. How is that not impressive? Trump deserves his second term.

Title of Screenplay #3: Living the Dream

DeSantis holds a press conference and says something along the following:

“I love this country more than life itself. Two thirds of this country believe it’s going in the wrong direction. That is because the far Left has had control over almost every corner of our lives for decades and now for two years have had complete control over the White House, Senate and House.

“The current administration is the most disastrous thing America has possibly ever seen. Nothing is more important than taking control and sanity back from a woke political party that has driven the front half of the train off the cliff.

“In doing so, we need to unite the GOP for one common cause: victory in November of 2024… victory in POTUS, House and Senate.

“In order to achieve that, I believe it will take everyone getting behind the man that proved his steel for 4 years.

“I will not seek a run at President in ‘24, instead I would be extremely honored if Donald J Trump chose me as his Vice President.

“If not, I will continue to govern the great and free state of Florida for another 4 years. The state that Trump calls home. Thank you all for coming. God bless you all and God bless the greatest country ever created, The United States of America!”

Imagine the two most popular people in the GOP united from this day forth and steam rolling the Left into oblivion for the next 2 years. Trump getting his deserved 2nd term and riding off into the sunset playing king maker.

DeSantis then runs as the undisputed, selfless GOP nominee in ‘28 (like Jensen could have done by giving the nomination to Qualls - The Kendall Qualls Conundrum). He likely would end up being a two term President.

He takes Nicki Haley, or Tim Scott or Byron Donalds, or Kristi Noem (hooo man I would not hate watching her give the State of the Union), Winsome Sears or a Kendall Qualls type (the country will need you, so do not disappear) as Vice President.

There is a path to saving this country. But the irony is that it goes through some pretty treacherous and dangerous waters, called the Sea of Donald. Allow me to get my Gutfeld on for a second and be totally inappropriate.

Trump is that insanely hot, insanely insane girlfriend you experience on the way to your wife. Trump is that rocket that brings home another woman out of the blue and then looks like she wants to kill you the next day for paying too much attention to the other girl. And the price you pay for allegedly paying insufficient attention to your girlfriend is that you have to right the wrong with amazing love making the next night. “What?!? My punishment is more sex with you?!?! My smokin hot girlfriend?!?! Yeah I can try that……”

DeSantis is the eventual wife who says, “yeah, we all have to get the crazy and chaos out of our system. Are you done with that? Are you over those kinds of women? Yeah? Ok. Sounds good. The past is the past. All I care about is what you do going forward with me. Reasonable? I thought so. Let’s start our life together… and you’re an idiot.” And then you go on to a life of responsibility and reasonability.

We have to go through one more crazy relationship before we can get to the sane one.

The punishment for electing Trump again is chaos around every corner. The media, your friends and family, everyone will meltdown like humanity has never seen. A second Trump Presidency will make the first look like Winnie The Pooh and the Blustery Day. The reward will be affordable living - cheap gas, groceries, utilities - low unemployment, strong GDP, a Military with giant stainless steel balls, far left activists running scared, radical environmentalists screaming into the void, wokeness dying under it’s own unsustainable weight, adversaries in check… the greatest country in the history of the planet, coming back to its imperfect but unmatched form. We could be great again.

Don’t fight the medicine people. VDH called Trump akin to chemo. He destroys a lot of good, but he takes out way more of the bad.

Keep it logical. Keep it Right, Wright County. Getcha pull. Rock ‘n roll


I just want to say hi to all the new Leftist followers and subscribers since Max Hailperin’s posting of my previous article. Just to note, all the articles up until then received around 10-80 views. My last post is over 1700. There’s no such thing as bad press. I will gladly continue to be your fire alarm or tornado siren - the possible impending doom that Minneapolis liberals view my opinions as. Remember wokesters, I’m way out in Wright County. I’m more than ok with you keeping the cities and my side keeping the rural - look at an election map, but remember, land doesn't vote, people do. You stay right where you are, packed tightly into a tiny dark blue dot, signifying were all the crime is. We can coexist, just coexist in very different areas. You don’t want anything to do with this area anyway. There’s bugs and wild animals out here. Ick. Stay safe!

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