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The Kendall Qualls Conundrum

Today's conservatives are suppose to be the party of tolerance, real diversity, equality and not equity, MLK's creed of content of character over color of skin and the ones who say that you are not a victim straight from the womb based on physical characteristics. So what then, in the ever loving world happened during the Republican endorsement convention down in Rochester?

Kendall Qualls is one of the most upstanding men to grace Minnesota politics, as far as I can tell from everyone that knows far more than I about politics and have been following them for much longer. I've heard him on Garage Logic multiple times. I've also met him before an event in Buffalo. A friend and I were the first ones there and he showed up early as well. We talked for 20 minutes and from what I could gather, there was barely a shred of "politician" in him. He's just a regular guy who made it. He came from next to nothing living in Harlem and a trailer park in Oklahoma until he found Minnesota. He's a veteran. He's an entrepreneur. He's a family man. He's successful. He's the epitome of what today's democratic party says is not possible of a black man. He lives in stark contrast to what our disastrous public school systems are currently telling children of color what they can become. He's a walking example of how today's progressive message is a complete lie and how our democrat leaders here in Minnesota are a scam. Ilhan Omar hates this country for its past sins and barely thinks anything of its current worth due to sexism, racism, Islamaphobia, any "isim," "ist," or "obia," she can possibly think of while making $174,000 dollars a year doing next to nothing for the community she supposedly represents.

So what did the Minnesota GOP do to prove the progressives wrong and show everyone how we're now the party of true diversity, equality and inclusion? Well, nothing. We stabbed Qualls in the back in favor of a heterosexual, rich, white, male doctor. Everything the progressive leftists claim we treasure most and must protect at all costs. Welp, we just did. MAKE NO MISTAKE: This is not a critique on Scott Jensen. I love the guy. I've been following him since the beginning of the pandemic when he was raising very reasonable questions about the handling of Covid patients in hospitals. I have had his sticker on my welding hood for over a year. There is not a doubt in my mind that he would be an amazing Governor. For all any of us know, he might be a better governor than Qualls. But here's the problem. Even if conservative Minnesota thought that Jensen's governorship was a 99/100 compared to a theoretical Qualls governorship at 95/100, Jensen's near perfect Governor rating doesn't mean anything if he can't govern, as in, doesn't get elected. And despite what he says the polls were showing, I don't see Jensen being more electable in the state of Minnesota than Qualls. I just don't see it. It's too progressive and the cities have too much power.

So here's two options I see as a way to Conservative victory in November:

Either Qualls needs to completely back Jensen, which it appears as though he has done, because he's as solid a man as my 2003 Mercury Marauder is awesome. Jensen would then need to basically tell Qualls to campaign as though he is still running for Governor, specifically in the inner cities of Minneapolis and St Paul to the black community. Qualls would need to convince the inner city people of color that there will be no difference between a Jensen or Qualls administration and Jensen would fair well to, as soon as possible, offer Qualls one of the highest positions available.

Or there's a far more radical option that I feel like not only may work better but would go down in the history books of politics as a completely genius move by someone who put state ahead of their own political career - Jensen gives the endorsement to Qualls saying something like, "I am beyond honored to have received the GOP endorsement for Governor of Minnesota, but what happened in Rochester is unacceptable and I am putting my own ego and political career aside for the good of the State because I believe that where we are at in the current climate of politics, especially in a state like this, the only way to beat the progressives in Minnesota is to use the one candidate from our field that negates everything they claim about growing up a poor person of color. We need to get behind Kendall Qualls as he looks to unseat Tim Walz and his progressive commrads."

Jensen would get national attention immediately. Hell his political career might just be starting on a far bigger stage than Minnesota. I think the reaction around the country would be complete shock, in a good way, and a realization that he truly cared more about what he believes is good for Minnesota over his own career as a politician.

Again. This is in no way a critique or even criticism of Scott Jensen, I'm just trying to keep a governor out of office that indorsed one of the most gawd awful human beings to ever grace this Country's political halls, Ilhan Omar.

Stay logical Minnesota. Stay right. Rock n roll.

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