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Here We Go Again, Minnesota

Miriam Orr

Once again we arrive at my own personal thoughts.

I'll be brief because there's no use in beating dead horses.

Arriving at the polls last night to cast my vote for the 2022 Midterm Elections, I already had a gut feeling about the outcome of this fight. Putting my faith in the little Dominion computers offered anorexic hope in the wake of 2020 events, but, this is the way the United States votes.

Am I confident this election was fair and that my vote actually mattered? No, not at all.

I spent my new hour+ commute into the metro interceding over the country, and this state. God spoke to my heart about a lot of things, though I remained wholly unconvinced that things would take a redder appearance in the grand political scheme of things.

Nevertheless, I felt the Holy Spirit prompt me to vote, to at least show up and take a stand for my belief system, even if nobody at the polls knew who I was voting for. Between me and God, I cast my vote for a change that did not come this year but showed the Almighty where my heart was.

I've been telling people since the Trump election in '16 that Minnesota would never be a conservative state. I've bled a lot of intercessions and deep prayer into this state and the Lord's message never changes: pray.

There are bigger things in motion here than semantics or political parties. For now, Minnesota has again made the choice of what side it will fight on. It doesn't mean the war is over or it is lost, it means that for now, we're still in the season of strategy and prayer.

It is time, once again, to dive back into the prayer closet and gird our loins for battle. The next six years will be hard, like the six before them.

Our stamina to wait for change must increase, we must press into righteousness and fight in different ways.

We obviously can't win this at the polls—I don't think that'll ever be an option again—so, like Marines, we have to adapt and overcome.

This state could have seen so much change and could have stepped into the mercy and grace of God. We could’ve rebuilt instead of continuing to tear down.

But for now, it is out of our hands. It's up to us to put it into God's hands.

In the coming days, we can only lean on God’s mercy. We must now go into the prayer closet and intercede with fervency, build up our battle lines and defenses for what will come not only to Minnesota, but to this nation.

Walz thought COVID was bad? Wait until the judgment of God comes.

Horizons look and feel bleak for this state in the light of election, yes. I know. My heart trembles as well. God extended an opportunity for meaningful change and we threw it away.

But God's grace is sufficient. All we can pray is "Yeshua help us, have mercy."

God will remember the ones who wanted change but lost. God will remember us when His hand rises against this state.

Our stake is not in the governance of Minnesota, or the nation. Our stake is in "But God." I choose to put my stake in the One who formed stars, breathed galaxies, and ripped open a sea for a people desperate for intervention. One who sets the captives free, Who stands in the fire, Who gives grace for a new day.

One who, when the day comes, gives me the neck of my enemies and delights in me enough to deliver me out of the day's trouble.

Don’t falter, soldiers of God. See this as yet another time of intercession, planning, and strategy.

This isn’t a loss. Or a setback. Or a victory for the other side.

It’s a calculated stall.

Pray. Praypraypraypraypraypray. Pray like never before.

It’s what we can do this season. When David stood before the giant, he prayed and spoke of God and collected five stones for the most ineffective weapon of the day. But guess what?

His weapon was crafted for fighting off the wolf, the bear, and the lion that seeks to destroy. It wasn't cut from the fires of a blacksmith or polished, the armor he was given didn't even fit.

A giant that was meant to die in a giant war was defeated by a weapon that has for generations killed the ones who seek to destroy and thrive in wickedness: faith. Faith behind a slingshot meant for lions and wolves and bears killed Goliath.

Faith is what will kill the giants in our lives, too.

Stand strong, my friends. It's not over until God says it's over.

Here we go again, Minnesota. Back into the prayer closet I go.

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1 Comment

Nov 09, 2022

Thank you for your words, Miriam. See you in the prayer closet.

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